New Merrion House

Project: New Merrion House
Client: Glassolutions Saint Gobain
Industry: Commercial

An inspiring re-development and extension of Leeds city centre, Merrion House.

Changes included re-cladding of the existing 12 storey concrete exterior with brick and glazing in a new modern configuration.

Corium, a unique and innovative brick cladding system was used to give a new modern finish to the 170,000 sq. ft. office space.

Corium uses specially manufactured brick tiles to mechanically fix to galvanised steel profiles. These profiled sections are mounted in rows onto an aluminium backing structure, the brick tiles are then clipped into place.

The whole process was pre- fabricated and allowed manufacturing to take place in D&S Services quality controlled County Durham factory which dramatically reduced on-site construction time.

Bespoke stillages and lifting equipment were designed by D&S Services to ensure the brick column and beams were transported to site safely. Once they arrived on site the bespoke stillage and lifting equipment allowed them to be offloaded and installed in a safe and easy manner.