Industry: Automotive

D&S Material Handling worked with a leading automotive parts manufacturer to formulate a number of potential solutions to fit their requirements

The client approached us looking for a stillage that would be cost efficient for transporting automotive components around Europe. We worked to tight design specifications to produce a collapsible stillage.

We designed the stillage sides with an innovative locking bar that would prevent movement of uprights when locked and to safeguard the operator when loading, unloading and folding the stillage for its return journey. Material reductions were also implemented wherever possible to help reduce overall weight.

Design specifications included:
• Must be collapsible
• Must hold multiple variants
• Must load parts from the back and bottom first
• Gas struts required to assist collapsing
• Parts should have no contact with each other

The process was made modular to simplify manufacturing, optimise efficiency and maximise the quality of the finished product.

Each module was painted in our bespoke powder coating facility ensuring thorough coverage and providing maximum corrosion resistance.

The collapsible stillages were then assembled in batches, with each one being carefully checked to a strict quality control procedure.

This specific stillage can be repaired in modules, enabling the client to replace individual damaged components rather than the entire unit, resulting in reduced ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

The stillages were delivered direct to the client by us to a strict timing schedule